What are Emergency Shut Down Valve?

A shutdown valve is a type of actuated valve, intended to stop the progression of a hazardous elements in the water upon the discovery of dangerous event. Thus, ESD valves are utilized to segregate the facilities in any haphazard by providing protection against any possible damage or harm to people, any device or the climate. Shut Down Valves are majorly used in the oil and gas production process by reducing the escalation of harmful or hazardous elements from one system to another. Shut Down Valves is the important part of a safety instrumented system and is controlled by a high integrity Emergency Shutdown System (ESDS).

Shut Down Valve is also known by other names like SDV, ESV (Emergency Safety Valve), ESDV (Emergency Shut Down Valve), ESD or Shut Off Valve.

Advantages of Emergency Shutdown Valve (ESDV)

  • ESD valves will work expeditiously, the moment it exposes to fire. It is programmed in a way that it will automatically get Closed in case of fire.
  • Least Aggravation– In order to minimize the excessive loss of energy, this function was designed. Reduced Ball Valve (RB) with the opening in the center will moderate changes in the flow path and disturbance. With a similar purpose to that of a tube/ cylinder, the full bore valve, essentially limits the energy lost.
  • Accumulator Some of the Emergency Shut down valves might be furnished with an accumulator to encourage valve stroking and/or return on the occasion of maloperation.
  • Position Switches For simple positioning and for the status of the shutdown valve for the control room, their position switches on ESD.
  • Quick action An ESD should act rapidly to decrease the hazard. Specifically, the phenomenal framework in quick activity is a quarter ball. As a general guideline, the emergency shutdown valve should begin the closure within 10 seconds of actuation and the time taken from Full Open to Full Close is inside 1-2 seconds for each inch of the shutdown valve size.
  • Physical indicator The shutdown valve should be fitted with clear and visible external valve location indicators, this lets the positioning and status of the shutdown valve clear.

How does ESDV work?

Full Open Position – Normal Operation

At the point when the valve is in the fully open position, the ESDV provides a minimal pressure differential. The full bore valve is basically a cylindrical tube that diminishes the fluid friction of the framework.

Full Closed Position – Emergency Situation

The setpoint pressure has been surpassed and the ESDV was totally closed, enabling bubble-tight shutoff with its double-seated model.

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