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Bonney Forge Valves

Bonney Forge logo

Bonney Forge was founded in the year 1876. Bonney forge has successfully achieved excellence through its customer satisfaction services and manufacturing high quality flow control products. They are supplier with the facility of in-house forging, machining, assembling and testing operations. We are Bonney Forge Valves Distributors and Forged Valve Suppliers. Reach us to send the product inquiry.

Featured Products: Bonney Forge weldolet, bonney forge trunnion ball valve, bonney forge bellows sealed valves, bonney forge DBB, bonney forge round head plug Bonney Forge fittings, bonney forge nace valves, bonney forge lateral tee, bonney forge angle valve, bonney forge 800# gate valve, bonney forge 300 gate valve, bonney forge half coupling, bonney forge swage, bonney forge lift check valve, bonney forge reducing coupling, bonney forge 1/2 gate valve, bonney forge gate valve 1500, bonney forge forged steel valves, bonney forge pipette, bonney forge y strainer, bonney forge reducing tee, bonney forge flanged gate valve, bonney forge os&y gate valve, bonney forge butterfly valve, bonney forge needle globe valve, bonney forge reducer.

Check Valve

Check valve

Double Block and Bleed Bonney Forge

DBB valve

Gate valve bonney forge

Gate Valve

Kitz Valves


Kitz was established in the year 1951 and is the world’s leading manufacturer of valves. Kitz Valve is one of the most versatile valve manufacturers. They manufacture a wide range of products in order to satisfy the varied needs of customers. Kitz has successfully built its overseas branch offices in Germany, U.K., U.S., U.A.E., Thailand, Spain, China, India, and Singapore. We are Kitz Gate Valve Stockist and KITZ valve distributors. Reach us for any product inquiry.

Featured Products: Ball Valve Kitz, Ball Check Valve, Kitz Butterfly Valve, Kitz Gate Valve Distributors, Check Valve Kitz, 2 Way ball valve, 3 Way ball valve, and 4-way ball Valves, Globe Valve Kitz, Motorized Ball Valve, y Strainer kitz, foot valve kitz, Pneumatic and Electric Actuator for valves, Swing Check Valve Kitz, Wafer Check Valve Kitz, Floating Valve Kitz.

Ball valve

Ball Valve

Kitz Butterfly Valve

Butterfly valve

kitz check valve

Check Valve

KF Valves

KF valve

KF Valve, Circor is a manufacturer of a wide range of flow control products utilized in the industries like Oil & Gas, Pipelines, Chemical, petrochemical and other industrial markets. The brand has successfully maintained its reputation in the industry for over 50 years. We are KF Ball valves distributors & Suppliers. Contact us for KF valves product inquiry.

Featured Products: 2” – 24”, 150# – 2500#, CS X ENP, CS SS, LF2 X ENP, Trunnion, Floating Ball Valves, Swing Checks, Piston Checks, Needle Valves Per API 6D/NACE, RF, RTJ, Gear Operator, Buttweld, Buttweld Flanged, Sw; 2 1/16”, 3 1/8”  4 1/16 5000# Rtj Ball Valves; 2”-12”; 600# – 2500#; 316ss Trunnion Ball Valves; 1/2” – 2” 3000# A105 THD, SW Ball Valves, 316ss Trunnion Ball Valves; 1/2” – 2” 3000# A105 THD, KF threaded ball valve, KF ball Valve, KF Needle Valve, Flow control Valve, KF Swing Check Valve, KF Piston Check Valves, KF Floating Ball Valves, KF Trunnion Ball Valves, KF Check Valve, contromatics ball valves, KF Non return Valve

KF Ball Valve

Ball Valve

KF Needle valve

Needle Valve

KF swing Check Valve

Check Valve


L & T Valves

L&T Valves ltd is a pioneer in providing flow control solutions. L&T Valves is a subsidiary of Larsen & Tourbo. L&T audco use its excellence that traverses 60 Years to manufacture valves for key areas of the economy, like Oil and Gas, power, petrochemicals, Synthetic Compounds, Water as well as defence and aviation.

We are L&T audco Distributors as well as Stockist. Reach us for the quotation.

Featured Products : L&T Ball Valve, l&t Butterfly valve, L&T Gate Valve, L&T Globe Valve, L&T Check Valve, Trunnion-mounted Ball Valves, Triple-offset Butterfly Valves, L&T DBB Plug Valves etc.

ball Valve

BALL valve

Globe Valve

GLOBE valve

butterfly valve



3DV valve logo

The 3D valve was established in 1998. They are specialized in designing, manufacturing and selling gate valves, check valves, globe valves, filters valves, ball valves and etc. Their products are widely used in chemical, fertilizer, metal-lurgical, medicine, power, oil, liquefied gas industry and so on industrial areas. We are 3DV valve product suppliers in Dubai.

Featured Products : Trunnion Ball Valve, 3DV Steel Globe Valve, Wafer Check Valve, Check Valve, 3D Butterfly Valve, 3D Steel Gate valve, 3D Ball Valve, 3D Plug valve, 3D Strainer & Flange.

butterfly valve

butterfly valve

3D Valve Check valve

Check valve

3D Valve gate valve

gate valve

Douglas Chero

Douglas Chero logo

Douglas Chero was founded in the year 1974 with the motive to fulfill the demand for superior quality forged valves in the Oil & Refinery, manufacturing plants, Offshore oil and gas, Energy industry, chemical, fertilizers and certain plants all over the world. Entellus Tech is a leading Douglas Chero Valves suppliers in Dubai.  

Featured Products : Chero Gate Valves- Bolted Bonnet, Urea Valves, Douglas Chero Globe Valve, Douglas Chero Pressure Seal, Chero Needle valve, DG Swing Check Valve, Douglas Chero Drop & Block Check.

Douglas Chero gate valve

gate valve

urea valve

urea valve

Y Strainer

Y Strainer