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Bonney Forge Valves

Bonney Forge logo

Bonney Forge was founded in the year 1876. Bonney forge has successfully achieved excellence through its customer satisfaction services and manufacturing high quality flow control products. They are supplier with the facility of in-house forging, machining, assembling and testing operations. We are Bonney Forge Valves Distributors and Forged Valve Suppliers. Reach us to send the product inquiry.

Featured Products: Bonney Forge weldolet, bonney forge trunnion ball valve, bonney forge bellows sealed valves, bonney forge DBB, bonney forge round head plug Bonney Forge fittings, bonney forge nace valves, bonney forge lateral tee, bonney forge angle valve, bonney forge 800# gate valve, bonney forge 300 gate valve, bonney forge half coupling, bonney forge swage, bonney forge lift check valve, bonney forge reducing coupling, bonney forge 1/2 gate valve, bonney forge gate valve 1500, bonney forge forged steel valves, bonney forge pipette, bonney forge y strainer, bonney forge reducing tee, bonney forge flanged gate valve, bonney forge os&y gate valve, bonney forge butterfly valve, bonney forge needle globe valve, bonney forge reducer.

Check Valve

Check valve

Double Block and Bleed Bonney Forge

DBB valve

Gate valve bonney forge

Gate Valve

Kitz Valves


Kitz was established in the year 1951 and is the world’s leading manufacturer of valves. Kitz Valves is one of the most versatile valve manufacturers. They manufacture a wide range of products in order to satisfy the varied needs of customers. Kitz has successfully built its overseas branch offices in Germany, U.K., U.S., U.A.E., Thailand, Spain, China, India, and Singapore. We are Kitz Gate Valve Stockist and KITZ valve distributors. Reach us for any product inquiry.

Featured Products:Kitz Ball Valve, Kitz Butterfly Valve, Kitz Gate Valve Distributors, Check Valve Kitz, 2-Way, 3-Way, and 4-way Valves, Globe Valve Kitz, y Strainer kitz, foot valve kitz, Pneumatic and Electric Actuator for valves, Swing Check Valve Kitz, Wafer Check Valve Kitz, Floating Valve Kitz.

Ball valve

Ball Valve

Kitz Butterfly Valve

Butterfly valve

kitz check valve

Check Valve

KF Valves

KF valve

KF Valves, Circor is a manufacturer of a wide range of flow control products utilized in the industries like Oil & Gas, Pipelines, Chemical, petrochemical and other industrial markets. The brand has successfully maintained its reputation in the industry for over 50 years. We are KF Ball valves distributors & Suppliers. Contact us for KF valves product inquiry.

Featured Products: 2”-12”; 600# – 2500#; 316ss Trunnion Ball Valves; 1/2” – 2” 3000# A105 THD, KF threaded ball valve, KF ball Valve, KF Needle Valves, KF Swing Check Valves, KF Piston Check Valves, KF Floating Ball Valves, KF Trunnion Ball Valves, KF Check Valve, contromatics ball valves

KF Ball Valve

Ball Valve

KF Needle valve

Needle Valve

KF swing Check Valve

Check Valve

Westlock Valves

Westlock logo

Westlock is known for providing innovative solutions for monitoring and controlling process valves. They use advanced technology to set the benchmark and enhance the product quality. Westlock products are used in almost all industrial sectors from hazardous, including Explosion proof and Intrinsically Safe, to non-perilous for full climate security or sanitary establishments. Entellus keeps in stock wide range of valves of Westlock. Contact us for products quotation.

Featured Products: Westlock Limit Switch and Sensors, Westlock Switch Boxes, Westlock Solenoid Valves, Westlock Valve Positioners, Westlock Valve Monitors, Westlock Position Transmitters, Control Monitors.

Westlock limit switch

limit switch

westlock positioner


westlock solenoid valve

Solenoid Valve

VOGT Valves

vogt logo

The history of Vogt valves marked the development of superior quality valve manufacturing to cater the needs of the Chemical, petrochemical, and refinery industries. With experience of more than 100 years, Vogt valves has built up a worldwide network of suppliers and distributors with access to the manufacturing of forged steel valves and fittings. We are global distributor of VOGT valves. Reach us for product inquiry or quoation.

Featured Products:

150# – 2680#, A105 with Monel/Nace, 1/4” – 3” 316SS/Nace, & Full Stellite Trims; Gate valve distributors, Vogt Globe & Check Valves, F316L, LF2, F5, F9, F11, F22 vogt sw12111, Vogt Ball Valves, Vogt Cryogenic Globe Valve, Vogt Dual Plate Check Valve, Vogt Control Valves GGC Valves, Vogt Pipeline Valves, Vogt Power Products, VOGT Check Valve, VOGT gate valve, Vogt Globe Valve
Vogt Ball Valve

Ball Valve

check valve

Check Valve

cryogenic globe valve

globe valve

Centerline Valves

CenterLine logo

CenterLine is a market leader in quarter-turn valves, with experience of more than 40 years. They have earned the reputation as a superior valves supplier at competitive prices. CenterLine has set the benchmark standard by fulfilling the industrial requirement and customer expectations. We are Centerline Valves Distributors.

Featured Products : WCB, 316SS, Ductile Iron, Cast Iron, 2” – 48”, 150# – 600#  Firesafe & Soft Seated;High Performance & Resilient Seated Butterfly Valves Metal. Butterfly Valve- Wafer Type, Butterfly Valve- Lug Type, Butterfly valve- Flange Type, Process Valves, Resilient seated butterfly valves, Crane Centerline butterfly valves, Centerline Check Valves

centerLine flange type butterfly valve

Butterfly valve- Flange Type

lug type butterfly valve

Butterfly Valve- Lug Type

CenterLine Wafer type butterfly valve

Butterfly Valve- Wafer Type

SWI Valves

SWI logo

SWI valves is a leading manufacturer of Double block and Bleed valve, process and instrumentation valves with experience of more than 30 years. SWI’s manufacturing plants are well equipped with the most advanced technology for assembling and testing of products serving the Oil and gas industry, off-shore upstream projects. Entellus is SWI valves distributors, contact us for product inquiry.

Featured Product : Metal seated Ball Valve, Cryogenic Service Valves, Floating Ball Valves, Triple Offset Butterfly Valve, Forged steel valve, Bellows steel valves, Trunnion Mounted & HP ball Valves, Positive isolation Block & Bleed Valves.

SWI valves Cryogenic service valve

Cryogenic Service Valve

SWI valves Cryogenic service valve

Cryogenic ball valve

Triple offset butterfly valve-min

Triple Offset Butterfly Valve

Nordstrom Valves

flowserve logo

Flowserve Nordstrom has been a pioneer manufacturer since 1914. They offer a varied range of valves, sealants and accessories to fit various needs of industrial applications. Nordstrom flowserve has a wide range of iron and steel lubricated plug valves used in oil and gas production. We are leading Nordstrom Valves distributors.

Featured Products : Nordstrom Plug Valve, Balance Iron Plug Valve, Double DB Steel Plug Valve, Iron and Steel Plug Valve, Dynamic Balance Steel Plug Valve, Nordstrom lubricated Plug Valve, rockwell nordstrom valve.

Flowserve Balance iron plug valve

Balance iron plug valve

Flowserve Double DB steel plug valve

Double DB steel plug valve

Dynamic balance steel plug valve

XOMOX Valves

XOMOX logo

Crane XOMOX was founded in the year 1956. XOMOX products are approved by ANSI, DIN and JIS standards. Their automated valves assures complete responsibility for flow control equipment. XOMOS has manufacturing facilities in Ohio, Hungary, Mexico, Germany and India. Contact us for a quotation for XOMOX valves. We are Distributors & Stockist.

Featured Products : XOMOX Plug Valve, XOMOX Sleeved Plug Valves, XOMOX Lined Ball Valves, XOMOX lined Butterfly Valves, Ball Valves, XOMOX Tufline Ball valves, XOMOX Plug Valve, XOMOX Check Valves, xomox jacketed plug valves

Butterfly Valves

Butterfly Valves

Lined Valves

Lined Valves

Xomox Sleeved Plug valves

Sleeved Plug valves

Apollo Valves

Apollo Valves logo

Apollo was founded in the year 1928. They manufacture and produce connectors, metal pipes, valves for the distribution and control of liquids and gases. Their products are designed and produced by a team of in-house engineers. Contact us for a quick quote. We are Apollo valves distributors.

Featured Products : Apollo Needle Valve, Apollo Butterfly Valve, Apollo Safety Relief Valve, Apollo Globe Valve, Apollo Actuators & Controls, Apollo Ball Valve, Apollo Check Valve, Apollo Medical Gas Valves, Apollo Mixing Valves, Apollo Pipeline strainers, Apollo Safety Relief Valves, Apollo Water  Pressure reducing valves, Apollo 77, Apollo Spring return Ball Valve, Apollo Bronze Ball Valve, 

Apollo Valves butterfly valve

butterfly valve

Apollo Valves needle valve

needle valve

Apollo Valves safety relief valve

safety relief valve