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Dyna Flo

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Dyna Flo was established in the year 1993. Dyna Flow has created its brand name by providing high quality products for the global industry. They develop, manufacture and test a varied range of control valves, actuators, and other solutions for the challenging applications. Dyna is now a part of Curtiss Wright Group. We are Stockist of Dyna Flo Products and dealers as well as suppliers and distributors of Dyna Flo.

Featured Products : Pneumatic actuators, Dyna Flo Pneumatic Control Valve, Instrumentation, Dyna Flo Controller, Sliding Stem Valves, Integral valve & Actuator, Rotary Valves, Actuators, Accessories.

Entellus Dyna Flo Integral valve and actuator


Entellus Dyna Flo rotary valve


Entellus Dyna Flo Sliding stem valve


Onis France

onis logo

Onis was established in the year 1979. It is a company in the field of designing and manufacturing of quick-action line blinds. Quick-action line blinds helps in saving operating costs for oil and gas upstream & downstream critical applications.

Product Line : Quick Action Line Blind, Blind Valve, Goggle valve, Septum valve, Hamer valve. Double Barrier, Bleed & Blind, Quick Action Filter Changer, Quick Action Rupture Disk Changer.

onis line blind

line blind

onis Quick action filter changer

Quick action filter changer

Entellus Onis France Double Barrier, Bleed & Blind

Double Barrier, Bleed & Blind


farris logo

Farris is part of Curtiss- Wright group. Farris Engineering Services furnishes, processing facilities with skill in overpressure situations and relief system performance, which assist in designing and auditing relief systems for a more secure plant condition. FES is a basic piece of the Farris total pressure relief management solutions that assists in facility’s complete lifecycle. Entellus Tech is one of the major Farris safety Valves Distributors and Suppliers. We are also stockist of Farris relief valves.

Product Line : (PRV) Pressure Relief Valves, Farris safety Valve, Farris relief Valve Process Valve, Pressure Safety Valve, PSV, Farris Pressure reducing Valve and Safety release Valve.

relief valve


Process Valve


Farris steam safety valve

Steam Safety Valve

Phoenix Controls


Phoenix Controls is known for providing solutions to all types of critical airflow  applications ranging from  wet chemistry laboratories, the multi-discipline environments of Life Sciences to the wide-range of healthcare spaces requiring proper directional airflow. All these sectors need the maintenance of proper pressurization of spaces. We are Phoenix Control Valves Distributor and Suppliers. 

Product Line : Pressure regulating Valve Phoenix, Bellow Sealed Globe Valve, Changeover valve, Chlorine Service, Cryogenic Application, Control Valve.

Control valve

control valve

fume hood control

fume hood control

Space Sensors and Monitors

Space Sensors and Monitors


Ampo Valves was founded in the year 1962 in Spain. Today, Ampo Poyam valves is a worldwide pioneer in stainless steel & high alloy castings and engineered valves for the most severe applications and industrial units. AMPO SERVICE offers replacement services for valve segments and specialized help. Continuously with the best assistance and quality. We are AMPO ESD Valve Supplier and Distributor. We also keep in stock Ampo ESD valve and MOV Ball Valve.

Product Line- Ampo ESD Valve, MOV, Ball Valve, Jacket Ball Valve, Cryogenic top entry Ball Valve, High Temperature slurry ball valve, Split Body Ball Valve, High Pressure Ball Valve, Jacketed Gate Valve, Bolted Bonnet Gate Valve, Cryogenic Bolted Bonnet Gate Valve, Ampo Check Valve, Cryogenic Bolted Bonnet swing Check Valve, Cryogenic pressure seal bonnet swing check valve, Ampo Poyam Globe Valve, Cryogenic Needle Ball Valve, Bolted Bonnet Globe valve, Slurry Angle three way valve, Slurry angle valves, Slurry angle lift check valve, Switch Valve, High temperature lift plug valve, Ampo Butterfly Valve, Cryogenic Triple eccentric butterfly valve.

OMB Ball Valves

BALL valve

crane check valve


Flowseal Butterfly valve



As Schneider

AS-Schneider is an advances, globally settled company and relies on close contact to clients and on innovative advancement with more than 140 years of custom experience. At present, AS-Schneider is among the world’s driving manufacturer of Instrumentation and Double Block & Bleed Valve. AS- Schneider is the market leader in the line of industries such as in ship engines and power generation. Entellus Tech is  stockist of Instrumentation, Manifolds, DBB & Solenoid Valve of As Schneider. Contact us for the quote.

Product Line- As Schneider 5 Valve manifold, Needle Valve, Ball Valves, As Schneider Instrumentation products, Manifolds & DBB Valve, Solenoid Valve, Gauge Valves, Soft seated Valves, Schneider Block & Bleed Gauge Valve, Multiport Gauge Valves, Gauge protectors.

Gauge protector

GAUGE valve

Block and vent valve


Gauge Valve



Strack is a Germany based company, founded in the year 1922. Strack Gmbh is a part of Curtiss Wright group and manufactures the high quality of valves in the world. Strack’s products are used in Chemical Plants, Refineries and power stations. They manufacture the first class products that assure long lasting safety and reliability. We are Strack Valves Suppliers, dealers and distributors.
Product Line- Strack Lift Plug valve, Cracking Service, HF Acid Valve, Gate Valve, Globe Valve, Check Valve, Strack High Pressure Valve, actuators and valves, Changeover Valve, Directional Control Valve, Pressure relief Valve, Solenoid Operated Valve, Instrumentation equipment, Butterfly Valve.

FluoroSeal plug valve


Fusion valve gate valve


Globe Valve



Daume Regelarmaturen GmbH is a medium-sized organization in Germany. The company is specialized in the development and production of control valves for the energy supply field and process engineering industries like Chemical industry, Mineral oil industry, Pharmaceutical industry and steel industry. Daume Gmbh offers regulation of water and stream and special-purpose valves. Entellus Technical Equipment is supplier of Daume Valves. 

Product Line- Daume Power Plant Control Valves, Natural Gas Control Valve, Oxygen Control Valve, Mixing three way control valve, Steam Conditioning Valve, Discharge Valve, Daume Injection Control Valve, Feedwater Control Valve, Daume Bypass Control Valve.

Nakakita Control valve