Mov gate valve

Motorized gate Valve

Gate valves function by embedding a rectangular gate or wedge into the way of a flowing liquid. They work through a threaded stem, which is used to connect the actuator ( usually a hand wheel or engine/motor) to the stem of the gate. The position of the stem can be seen through the rising steam of the valve.
Generally, Gate Valves are used to totally shut off the liquid flow or to provide the full flow in a pipeline, when in the fully open position. In this manner, it is utilized either in completely shut or completely open positions. A Gate Valve comprises a Valve body, Seat and disc, a spindle, gland, and a wheel, which is used to operate the valve. Both the seat and the gate play out the function of closing off the progression of liquid.
Gate valves are generally used when a straight-line flow of liquid and the least flow restriction are required. They are utilized basically for on/off, non-throttling services. In case there is a high-speed flow, that could vibrate or chatter a partial open disc. which will harm the seating surfaces and prevent a tight seal. This makes Gate Valve most suitable for fluids like steam, water, soil, air, and gas. Other than On/Off service gate valves are used for regulating flow, normally in sizes 6 in. and larger