Motorized Butterfly Valve

Motorized Butterfly Valve

Butterfly Valves belong to the category of quarter-turn valves and work fundamentally the same as ball valves. The butterfly is in the form of a disk, which is connected to the rod. It gets closed when the bar pivots the disk by a quarter goes to a position opposite to the flow direction. The disc turned back to permit the flow when the valve opened.

Motorized butterfly valves offer good control over the processed media, moving through the pipelines. There are a lot of reasons required for the need to control the amount of fluid or gas flowing in a specific way at a specific time.  Indeed, a few frameworks require the capacity to stop the flow inside and out if there is a need in that system. A motorized butterfly valve can rapidly react to any of these requirements, and the subsequent flow will be lined up with the best outcomes. 

Motorized butterfly valves are manufactured in a wide range of sizes, so it’s easy for a manufacturing plant to get the butterfly valve that fits their specific need and works within their pipelines. The most widely recognized scopes of sizes for butterfly valves and their plates are a few inches a few feet. However, large size industrial applications of butterfly valves require a bit larger size than common ranges. We at Entellus, make sure to serve the needs of all types of industrial units and offer the Motorized Butterfly valve in all sizes. We are stockist and Distributor of Valvulas Zubi and L&T Valve.

Types of Butterfly Valve

  • Lug Style Butterfly Valve

A lug Style butterfly Valve has a threaded insert outside the body of the valve that allows for bolt passages. This lets them be installed into the system using two sets of bolts and without nuts. This design empowers the disengagement of one side without influencing the other for dead-end service. Lug style butterfly valve, utilized in dead-end service has a very low-pressure rating. The lug-type butterfly valve carries the weight of piping through the valve body.

  • Wafer Style Butterfly Valve

The wafer-type Butterfly Valve is designed to keep a unidirectional pressure or positive pressure. Additionally, due to its less expensive cost and simpler establishment system, many favor this kind of valve where it is affordable and where different sorts of valve costs are not possible. In order to protect the system backflows due to bi-directional pressure, Wafer butterfly valves are fixed with a flexible seal. As such a type of valve does not have an opening for bolting, flanged pipe with bolts helps secure the body of the valve to its place.

  • Double Flanged Butterfly Valve

For controlling, directing, and throttling flow, a double Flanged butterfly valve is preferred. This makes the double Flanged Butterfly Valve the most resilient seated valve design when it comes to dead-end service. This type of valve can be utilized in form of a shut-off device, as it has installed a gearbox, functioning to control the disc in fluctuating positions.

  • Butt-welded Butterfly Valve

Butt-welded Butterfly Valves are instantly welded in the pipeline for high-pressure applications. Thus Butt-welded Butterfly valves are appropriate for high temperature, corrosion, high pressure, etc. They are like quarter-turn (90-degree rotation) utilized in isolating or flow regulation. They are used in applications like industrial, power applications, and mining.