Motorized Ball valves

Motorized valves

Motorized Ball valves or actuated ball valves are generally utilized in certain applications in industries, where there is a need for automated valve control. Their working is different from manual valves, in which the handle or the gearbox is needed to be turned manually or physical movement is required. Motorized Ball Valve works on the mechanism of auto-control by opening and closing the valves automatically through stimulating an electric engine subsequent to getting a control signal. This combination of a valve mounted to a motorized or an electric actuator is called an electrically actuated ball valve.

Principal and application of Motorized ball valve

Motorized Ball Valves are generally used in applications requiring automatic flow control like smart home systems, Water channels, and filtration systems, Water treatment in industries, Purification, UF water frameworks, Chemical, Refinery, Oil, irrigation, Pharma industries, Fire fighting system, Food processing industries, Water spill detection, Electric brewing, etc.

The motorized ball valve is a kind of On/Off type valve, it is a completely open or completely shut valve by a quarter-turn (90 degrees) rotation of actuator, with very small torque mini motorized ball valve, could be opened or shut. Open/close activity can be extremely speedy and thought for quick reaction cut-offs, and motorized/ electric ball valves additionally offer an ideal seal execution.

There is no need for constant power for a motorized ball valve, once it’s open or shut, because of internal cut-off, the actuator does not continue to use power. This makes Motorized Ball Valve the best alternative to Solenoid Valves. This feature of Electric actuated ball Valve of cutting off the power automatically once the valve is fully open or closed, reduces the chances of overheating and is best suitable in industrial projects, which requires the valves to be open for a long period of time.  

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