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Rotork is a leading manufacturer of actuators, headquartered at UK. Their products are used to control the flow of gases & liquids. Rotork has created its brand name in field of flow control application solutions. They are certified by ISO 9001, ISO 50001, ISO 45001, ISO 14001, UVDB, SIRA and FDT Group AISBL. We are Rotork distributors Middle East. Contact us for a quick quote.

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Electrical actuator

Electrical actuator

Fluid power actuator

Fluid power actuator

rotork Gearboxes



auma logo

AUMA is manufacturer of electric actuators and valve gearboxes. They have been serving the industries for over 50 years. When it comes to actuators and related products, they are one of the leading manufacturers. AUMA’s products are used in certain applications by a wide range of industries such as Energy sector, Hydro indsutry, petro-chemical industry, Oil & Refineries etc. Entellus Tech is supplier & Distributor of Auma. Reach us for the quotation.

Featured Products : Auma actuators, Multi-Turn Actuators, Part-Turn Actuators, Auma electric actuator, auma sa actuators, auma valve actuator, auma motors, auma motorized valve, Auma Linear Actuators, auma norm actuator, auma pneumatic actuator, Part-Turn Gearboxes.

auma Linear valve actuator

Linear valve actuator

auma Multi turn actuator

Multi turn actuator

auma Part turn gearboxes

Part turn gearboxes


Rotex Logo

Rotex was founded in the year 1967. They are leading manufacturer of Actuators. They have their branches in over 30 countries. Rotex has been serving various types of industries and sectors with its innovative technology and customized solutions, industries such as Petrochemical, Refineries, Chemical, Pharma industries, Energy sector, Railways, Food and beverages, etc. are served by rotork automation. We are Rotex Distributors and Rotex stockist. Contact us for quotation.

Featured Products : Rotex actuator, ktr rotex, rotex heating systems gmbh, rotex 28, rotex 24, rotex 38, rotex 42, rotex 19, rotex 48, rotex 55, rotex 65, rotex pneumatic actuator, rotex gs38, rotex 500, rotex ball valve with actuator, rotex valve actuator, rotex scotch yoke actuator, rotex pneumatic actuator valve, Rotex Electro Hydraulic Actuator, Positioners, Solenoid Valves, Angle Seated Valve.

Electro hydraulic actuator

Rotex Positioners


Rotex Solenoid valve

Solenoid valve


belimo logo

Belimo is headquartered at Switzerland. Founded in 1975, they are now a market leader in sector of manufacturing, development and sales of devices, air conditioning, heating and ventilation. They are expertise in the manufacturing of Control valves, Damper actuators and sensors. Entellus Tech is a global, Belimo’s Valves & Actuators distributors. Contact us for product inquiry.

Featured Products : Belimo actuator, belimo damper actuator, belimo lf24, belimo valve actuator, belimo spring return actuator, belimo modulating actuator, belimo linear actuator, non spring return actuator, belimo 24v spring return actuator, explosion proof damper actuator, belimo valves and actuators, belimo rotary actuator, belimo butterfly valve actuator, belimo spring return, Non Fail-Safe Actuators, Outdoor Protected Actuators, Duct Sensors (Air) Systems, Globe Valve/Actuators.

Belimo Duct Sensors (Air) Systems

Duct Sensors (Air) Systems

Belimo Non fail safe actuator

Non fail safe actuator

Outdoor Protected Actuators


bettis logo

Emerson bettis manufactures pneumatic and hydraulic valve actuators. Bettis products are utilized in many of the industries like Energy, Refinery, Oil and Gas, Petrochemical and pharmaceuticals. They are pioneer in the valve-actuation business. Entellus Tech is leading Bettis Distributor and Suppliers. Send us your product inquiry.

Featured Products : Bettis Actuator, bettis hydraulic actuator, bettis cbb actuator, bettis pneumatic actuator, bettis t series actuator, bettis valve actuators, bettis spring return actuator, Bettis Electro-Hydraulic Operator, Pneumatic Valve Actuator, Bettis Pneumatic Rack & Pinion Actuator, Linear Pneumatic and Hydraulic Actuator.

Entellus Bettis Electro-Hydraulic Operator

Electro-Hydraulic Operator

Entellus Bettis Pneumatic valve actuator

Pneumatic valve actuator

Entellus Bettis Linear pneumatic and hydraulic actuator

Linear pneumatic and hydraulic actuator


elomatic logo

Emerson elomatic was founded in the year 1973, Netherlands. They have now become a global leader in providing premium quality valve actuation. The brand has a world-wide network for supplying and distributing it’s actuators into the toughest applications. We are distributors of El-O-Matic. All the products are readily available in stock. We are just one call away. 

Featured Products : Pneumatic Rack and Pinion Actuator, el o matic actuator, elomatic pneumatic actuator, elomatic butterfly valve,  elomatic valve,  Block and Vent Valve, MO Manual Override Gear Box, Breather BlocK.

Block and vent valve

Block and vent valve

MO Manual Override Gear Box

MO Manual Override Gear Box

Elomatic Pneumatic Rack and Pinion Actuator

Pneumatic Rack and Pinion Actuator

Sun Yeh Electrical Ind. Co. Ltd.

Sun Yeh logo

Sun Yeh electrical Ind. Co. Ltd was established in the year 1986. They manufacture products as per the expectations and demand of their customers. Sun Yeh Electric actuators are perfect fit for industries like Irrigation, HVAC, Chemicals, Mining, Food industry, Water treatment, Smoke extraction, environmental protection system and so on. We are Stockist of Sun Yeh Electrical, contact us for a quick quote.

Featured Products  : Sun Yeh Quarter-Turn Electric Actuator, sun yeh actuator, sun yeh electric actuator, Sun yeh Spring Return Fail Safe Electric Actuator, Sun yeh Compact Quarter Turn Electric Actuator, Sun yeh Explosion Proof Linear Actuator.

Explosion proof linear actuator

Explosion proof linear actuator

Quarter-Turn electric actuator

Quarter-Turn electric actuator

Spring return Fail safe electric actuator

Spring return Fail safe electric actuator

A-T Controls

AT controls Logo

A-T controls was founded in the year 1994. They are a global leader in the manufacturing of manual and automated process valves for a wide range of industries. They offer both a competitive price and the fastest turnaround in the industry by maintaining the inventory to cater the demanding needs of customers on a global basis. Get in touch with us for AT controls valves quotation. We are distributors.

Featured Products : AT controls Rack and Pinion Electric Actuators, AT controls Electric Actuators, Multi-Port Ball Valves, AT Control Ball Valves, Control Valves.

AT Controls Control Valves

control valves

Multi-port ball valves AT controls

Multi-port ball valves

AT Controls Rack and Pinion electric actuators

Rack and Pinion electric actuators

Ulli Electrical Actuator (Vortex)

vortex logo

Ulli electrical actuators are known for their Compact & integral design, endurable and long life cycle. The product have the feature of electronic brake control, Needless adjustment – full automatic setting. We are Distributors of Vortex valves and Ulli Electric actuators are readily available in stock. Contact us for a quick quote.

Product Line : Slide Gates, Diverters, Loading Solutions- Spouts, Filters, Positioners, Quantum Series.

Vortex Slide gate

Slide gate

Vortex diverter valve

diverter valves

vortex Spout positioner

Spouts, Filters, Positioners